4th of July Fruit Flag

It’s Independence Day, and so I thought it was a perfect time to share a very simple recipe that kids absolutely love to do. When Melanie and I do this with the kids during our cooking classes, it’s a huge hit.

You’re going to make an edible American flag! It’s part craft, part recipe. And it’s totally something your kids will have fun creating — and eating — this holiday weekend.


The great thing about it is you get to eat the craft at the end. No worrying about where to display THIS work of art 😉

You will need:
Seven wooden skewers (easily available at any grocery store)
A carton of strawberries
A carton of blueberries
Two bananas

Check out the picture I posted with this, it will help you immensely.
Have the child wash all the fruits, except for the banana for which nature has kindly provided its own antiseptic wrapper.

A note about cutting: My own opinion is that by the time the child is in fifth grade they can use a knife with adult supervision. You may feel differently. I have found also that using disposable, plastic knives is a good way to let younger children cut some fruits and vegetables. (We’ve also had good success in our classes with developmentally challenged young adults using plastic utensils.) This is a great recipe for plastic knife use.

Slice the strawberries from the top stem to the pointed bottom. It’s important for the flag’s appearance that they are cut all this way, but try to have patience if the kids get a couple wrong! This is about fun in the kitchen, remember.

Slice bananas into wheels that are wide enough to comfortably fit a skewer through. If your child likes to use a ruler, tell him or her to make the slices roughly a quarter-inch wide.

Now you are ready to assemble. Spear a half strawberry from side to side. Follow with a banana wheel. Continue alternating until you have used four strawberry halves and three banana wheels. Repeat this for a total of four spears.

The next three spears should be assembled this way: Start with a strawberry half, and follow with a banana wheel. Repeat. Then, skewer six blueberries.

Finally, lay your spears down vertically, so that the bottom all has strawberries going across. Voila! You have unfurled the flag! Now enjoy, and eat!